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Guild of Time Travelers
The Guild of Time Travelers is how we keep our projects independent. Start to have access today.


safe space about what is emerging in time

Sandglass is our ongoing program of time studies. Torus’ study group on subjects that translate the spirit of our times and also an affective social infrastructure.

navigate the change in course

A digital learning experience to guide companies to navigate the set of sociocultural transformations of our time in order to promote a transformation in their organizational culture.

Tzolk'in Quest

decolonial tool of temporal self-investigation

Tzolk’in Quest
Leia em Português [] Prayer of the Seven Galactic DirectionsFrom the East, House of Light,May wisdomdawn in us so we may see all things in clarity. From the North, House ofNight,May wisdom ripen in us so we may know all from within. From the West,Hous…

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Synchronize with a different temporality

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