Temporal Horizons

Welcome to our course, traveler. Your Futures are all around, not ahead. Your Pasts are your best yet to come. Deep dive into non-linear temporalities. Join us to unleash the power of questioning: How is your relationship with time?
Temporal Horizons

Transformational Course with Learnings and practices on Temporalities to Navigate Change

Escaping Temporal Crisis

The beginning of a new season and also the gestation of a new era full of difficult moments. As the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano said a few years ago, this shitty world is pregnant with another. There is another world that awaits us. Ancient people counted time in cycles of 260 days and after every 52 years, in a fire ceremony, a different worldview must be born. One that does not require us to be productive and commercially competitive post a pandemic, and in the midst of so much loss. But this is how the the world is and we keep navigating change towards what the world can become.

Our bodies are tired, but they remember. We all imagine ways to move not just out of anger, sadness, or fear. Sometimes, the records we carry within us are different from the narratives we tell ourselves to build identity. But only through love and authenticity can we travel our inner journeys. Only together can we navigate change and grow as a collective made of humans and non-humans. We need long-term visions, as many as we can dream, that allow us to believe that planetary healing is possible. The Sustainable Development Goal adopted by all members of the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030 demands our actions. New temporalities and habits of existence.

Is this decade over? Or hasn't it started yet? As a new cycle calls for passage, it's time to act in favor of what we want, what we really believe in now. This is a collective invitation to rethink our relationship with time. To question the status quo from within to outside. To lead the change through the cracks. To discover and join the long-term legacy. And to find meaning beyond.

Master Temporal Horizons with a decade's worth of expertise and navigate change like never before. An invitation to experiment with other temporalities, 
decolonize your time-sets, 
and become a temporalist. You’ll no longer have a Western shortsight about our relationship with time. You’ll no longer be limited to a 'futures-only' focus. You’ll have the mindset, skills, and tools to work on how society and organizational cultures deal with change. You’ll have fresh and highly engaging perspectives in science, art, and worldviews with a temporal expert. You’ll be part of a community of leaders working with a long-term temporal framework and shaping the future around us. You’ll be in sync with the ideas, beliefs, and cycles that our planet urgently asks for a leader and agent of change living in our times.

Leading Beyond the Curve

The Temporal Horizons course isn't just another leadership program. It's a transformative journey into understanding time, its impact, and its mastery. In a rapidly changing world, leaders need more than just business acumen—they need temporal acumen to navigate short and long-term. And this course promises not only to broaden their horizons but also to arm them with tools to navigate the vast landscapes of time in leadership.

From Linear Lapses to Temporal Triumphs

Modern leaders are overwhelmed with linear future thinking, leading to narrow-minded decisions that fail to consider the vast possibilities of the futures around you or learnings from the past.

Temporal Horizons course equips you with the ability to think beyond the linear, harnessing the wisdom of ancient temporality principles combined with contemporary strategies.

Strategic Long View Foresight Enhanced

Participants will gain a robust understanding of how time perceptions and orientations influence decision-making, leading to enhanced strategic long-view and foresight, proactive planning in sync with the ideas of our time, and more informed, long-term-ready leadership.

Swift Integration, Lasting Transformation

Through interactive modules, real-world case studies, and actionable tools, participants can easily integrate temporal thinking into their leadership style, making the process of adoption efficient and hassle-free.

Immediate Insights for Tomorrow's Leaders

By the end of the course, participants will immediately have actionable strategies and perspectives that they can incorporate into their leadership roles, ensuring that they begin seeing results in terms of improved decision-making and strategic planning.

Beyond Conventional Wisdom

While many leadership courses focus on traditional models, yours delves into the unexplored realm of temporality. This approach is not just theoretical but rooted in ancient wisdom, modern research, and practical application, making it a novel learning experience. The Unique Blend of Ancient Timecraft and Modern Methodologies.

Decade-Deep Dedication

Given decade-long research into temporalities, the course blends deep academic insight with pragmatic leadership tools. Gustavo Nogueira, founder of Temporality Lab, has Temporal Expertise for Trusted Transformation. This blend of depth and application is rare, positioning your offering as a powerful leadership program.

Welcome to our Temporal Horizons course, traveler.
Your Futures are all around, not ahead.
Your Pasts are your best yet to come.
Deep dive into non-linear temporalities.
Join us to unleash the power of questioning:
How is your relationship with time?