#010 Reality as a wave function

None of these stories are new. They move like waves and communicate through echoes that resonate with each other. And yet it is in their purpose to be told once more. Dreaming of a time yet to come.

#010 Reality as a wave function


Our time together is just starting, as I told you. Since we are here for the long run, a check-in is important: how is our relationship until here, traveler? What are your thoughts and feeling from these 10 days of temporal stories? From my side, I meant to tell you about my own relationship with time. Initially, I thought of including here only the examples that show the transforming power that a new temporal perspective has from the collection of concepts in different areas of knowledge and in different cultures I've been studying. But it would be a soulless story. I am part of this story.

The fact is, I don't remember exactly how my interest in time began. It was already in me. Given to me. As a child, I wanted to be an airplane pilot and explore the skies. When I got my honorary pilot's license at the air club in my city, I was satisfied and changed my dream. What is the connection of this story with time? The connection is that I always thought about how many lives I could live in my lifetime. Or fractals of lifetimes. How many lives can I still live during my temporality? How many lives have I lived?

The 10th tone, from the tones of integration, calls for perfection in our existence.

9. Planetary (manifestation producing perfection on our collective existence)

How can I improve? How to perfect what I do?

Our solar seal of the day is the White Dog, inviting us to have compassion with our journeys. To other cultures, it is also represented as a Lion, the king of mammals. I kept thinking that the Lion King from Disney was inspired by a Japanese animation called "Kimba the White Lion". It is the archetype of The Compassionate. The kind. The one that acts from the heart. In our journey of the first 010 lessons of 260, this is the goal we want to reach. Individual or collective, both are the same since, as a planet, we are one.  

Kin 010 White Planetary Dog (Loyalty)
> “The guardian of my heart asks me to play> with order and perfection.” I perfect in order to loveProducing loyaltyI seal the process of heartWith the planetary tone of manifestationI am guided by the power of endlessness|I am a polar kinI extend the white

Today, I offer to you my heart:

Now is the Time.

I close my eyes. Silence. I hear the rustle of the tree that provides shade as I write. As the wind blows and she moves, I feel the rays of sunlight that reach through the leaves to my eyelids and through them touch my eyes. Light codes tell me stories about the cosmos, nature, and everything in there. Stories about times, planes, and dimensions told again since time immemorial in different ways that I only hear when I'm present.

None of these stories are new. They move like waves and communicate through echoes that resonate with each other. And yet it is in their purpose to be told once more. During the night, hunter-gatherer hominids would gather around the fire to tell them. The fire that cooks the food hunted during the day and brings heat to their bodies is, above all, space for the important ritual of telling stories while watching the stars. Dreaming of a time yet to come.

They repeat and reflect lived and imagined experiences, filling in the empty spaces about the reality hitherto known and bringing new questions, new empty spaces that expand the observed universe. Among the stars, the empty spaces in the sky that we perceive as dark spots are galaxies so far away that we cannot recover light. They are outside the observed universe to us. In a moment beyond the curve of events we know, the movement of all galaxies will take them so far that observation of the sky will make anyone around here believe that we are alone in the cosmos.

But come on, the stars are there. Its light can be recalled and recovered through stories, such as those of hunter-gatherers and the ones I recount here once more. To relate to the present tense is to perceive disconnection and dissociation. To feel that there is something more in the cracks of the world we inhabit. The truly contemporary perceive the dark spaces of their time and manage to recover the light from them.

Time Immemorial

I remember dots of light floating in the room, around me. Episodic memories at different points in life are connected to a larger field, a total territory that is the sum of possibilities and all information from this and other planes, recorded in light. In Sanskrit, the term that describes this subtle, etheric, light is 'Akasha'. The fabric of the known "infinite space" itself, according to Buddhism. This library of luminous volumes, which I discovered, years later, is called the akashic records.  The Noosphere, the planetary mind we talked about as the field of every available idea, integrates the records.

Don't think as a spiritual place to go, no. Again, it is the infinite space itself. Everywhere. You are on it right now. The Noosphere as a philosophical concept was developed and popularized by the Russian-Ukrainian Soviet biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky, and the French philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The sphere of human consciousness and mental activity especially in regard to its influence on the biosphere and in relation to evolution. What happens when our human mind allows itself to dream along with the planet's mind?


The processes that need to happen are happening. "To do? It's not about that". It's about being. Awaken to what you already are. You always were. We're just remembering what's happening to us right now, here and there. Seeds as the container of a time that spreads simultaneously in many lands of this multidimensional reality and in others. Concrete lives, subtle doubles, waves to be surfed, reconnection with the source. We are soul stars that were born around a black hole and we are suspended in time, walking towards the present in various fractal versions of ourselves. At the same time, I am here and in many times. I am many. And it's time to invite everyone, there are many, that feel as many, to wake up from the dream we dreamed for survival and the need for validation to dream the dream of Mother Earth and Father Sun. They also came from the great ancestor in the center of the galaxy. We are the earth-walking avatar of all these versions of our soul star. What about start to honor them all and acting accordingly? Believe it. There is still time to tell one more story. The universe dances a cosmic dance. Can you hear the music, traveler?

Dance with Me.

Changing the world archetype

There is also a shift in world ideologies and archetypes taking place. There are other possible realities that deserve our attention and energy. We learned to believe in utopia as a horizon of displacement, as Eduardo Galeano said (quoting his friend Fernando Birri): “Utopia is there on the horizon. I approach two steps, he moves away from me two steps. I walk ten steps and the horizon runs ten steps. No matter how far I walk, I'll never catch up. What is a utopia for? That's why: so that I don't stop walking." But I don't want to eternally walk to a never reachable horizon. I believe is possible to access this place from exactly where/when you are now.

Is called Uchronia: "a way of questioning, speculating and designing new types of time systems that are more about being in sync - with yourself, with each other and with the world — than in clock time."
 as wrote Helga Schmid. Looking into the future is embracing the unpredictable. It is an invitation to search, inside and out, for balance in our journey. We must rethink, as individuals and as a society, our relationship with time.

We believe that there is a single reality given around and it is immutable, absolute. And because of that, we have to work only with what exists and deal with the limitations of this perspective. But studying these multiple possible relationships with time – different ancestral narratives, paths coming from the past and the future – I realized that our beliefs feed and are fed by current conventions. Beyond them, there is also an invitation to this exercise of imagining.

Different cultures in our history face reality in completely different ways, based on very specific relationships with time – their own temporalities. If how they see themselves in time changes the way they relate to the world, we should also ask ourselves, based on different perceptions of time, which of these lenses bring more meaning for us and for the society around us we want to live in, we want to keep as a legacy to the generations to come. An invitation to build these other ways of relating to reality in the present. We are all part of a collective experiment on how to change the Now with the evolving Time Sets – setbacks, mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets – necessary to decolonize and liberate our reality; and also in order to imagine new long-term visions for the ages to come.

Individual and collective

Understand that each person lives a different stage of their journey. A different level of self-awareness. From the most essential and necessary ones like survival, relationships, and self-esteem, to starting a transformation that brings internal cohesion, and then positive difference in the world and service to other humans and non-humans. However, some of us start showing off because we learn something that others don't yet. They start behaving like peacocks. Some of them forget to continue their travels. Remember that there is no good or bad, only learning. Do not judge. In fact, it's important to enjoy the ride. As we all begin to learn, our path becomes more pleasant. Just remember to focus and keep looking that there is a bigger picture, a different picture.

To build the next era it is important to understand the importance of small steps, of surviving the next hour as well. As never before, rituals are necessary so that we can collectively agree with new habits of existence. Agreements with new temporalities. And for that, we know the importance of freeing the imaginary. We turn our gaze to movements that point these new values and habits of existence to a next era: questioning; speculative; female; ecological and regenerative; spiritualist; techno-humanist, transversal; decolonial, anti-racist and pro-black and pro-indigenous lives; pro-trans lives; non-monogamous and polyamorous, pluriversal; chaordic but abundant. Essentially, temporal.

We travel in time through different local and non-local narratives. As in a hologram or fractal, we all carry within each of us the essence of wholeness and unity. But rather than just waiting to come back and be reintegrated as one, we are moving towards bringing that integration with what we were and what we can still be. With our many fractal realities. We are, in fact, fractals seeking our quantum entanglement within while awakening out here.

I woke up from a dream that showed me a paradisiacal place in nature and told me that the events of life are not to be observed and traversed by us. They are life itself to be experienced, and it is the life that crosses us. What happens to us is also alive. We are intertwined with life.

Time pulses

On Earth Day, two years ago, I wrote about the little dot on the tree of life – human and more than human – that is you, that is me. We are part of it. There is still time to rescue the memory that we are children of the stars, but it is here on the planet that our mission is now. Understanding the time around us is a matter of perspective. To travel to the future and understand where we are going, we must first take two steps back and understand the history that brought us here. To wake up as one planetary consciousness it is time to deep dive into ourselves and find resonance with each other. It will look even darker, quite possibly. But the shadows are projections of the same being moving towards the light.

The only way is through. And it is necessary to be open to what may arise on the other side. We are learning to travel through time together, towards the next level of our shared experience. As humanity faces moments of uncertainty, it seems that everyone wants to talk, but words are not enough. We were not taught to deal with so many issues that today seem so obvious to be so fundamental. The ancient world today seems upside down. We faced fears and desires about a rapidly changing future, and then everything changed again. And other fronts accelerated: the demand for digitalization of relationships, the importance of data privacy, government circular economy projects. The universal basic income is just an idea while increasing the number of poverty and hunger. Is there any way back to the times we used to know as normality? Or, besides nostalgia, those days will be finally perceived as part of the problem that brought us here?

These questions that we are now asking show us that new skills will be needed to answer them. It will be like learning a new language that can help us see reality in new ways. A temporal intelligence, a new sense. To feel what our reality was, what it is being, and what it can become. Again, an invitation to (re)think our relationship with time as a planet.

This is the Time from now

In circular time, the most important point of the path is not the end, the finish line, because a circle has no end. The most important point is the medium. It is from him that we observe the two parts, the one that we have already walked and the one that still lies ahead. Inhalation and then exhalation. Time is a breath.

Some check out reflections: Who am I? Who are you? You are so much more than you think you are. Wake up my dear, wake up. A time traveler realizing possible connections to the next era. Connections between art and science, activism and spirituality. Building our timeship to navigate change. This letter I send to you contains my collection of Time Sets for the next era.

From my heart with love and loyalty,

Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes
NS1.34.11.27, Saturday 28 May 2022
Kin 010 White Planetary Dog

Now's The Time (Jean-Michel Basquiat)