Founder of Torus Time Lab, works with a transdisciplinary community around the world that are on the quest to be in sync with new temporalities for our planet

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Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes (he/him/his)
Temporality Research

Artist, researcher, and activist, Gust questions our relationship with time as individuals, and as a society. With a background in communication, design, and technology. Today with 17 years of professional experience, and knowledge spanning several disciplines. Invited to participate in events and festivals to co-create with global brands, platforms, and media companies that are on the quest to discover new temporalities to shape the next narratives for our planet, and collectively address the social, ecological, and economic chronic crisis.

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contracts, projects, partnerships, keynotes, consultancy, and mentoring
📍Amsterdam area, in-site, available for travel, hybrid or remotely

why time, temporality, zeitgeist, change, futures, long-term
how culture, behavior, language, narratives, ecosystems
what research, strategy, design, innovation, entrepreneurship

♍︎ 27/08/1987, born in Brazil, Belém, Pará
Latin American, from the Amazon Rainforest region,
living in Amsterdam since 2017, nomad/pilgrim


100+ business workshops (links to videos throughout this document as reference)

work projects for global brands such as AB InBev, Globo, Google, Lemann Foundation, Meta, Mondelez, Motorola, Natura, Netflix, Nike, Nubank, Pepsico, Pernod-Ricard, RedBull, Santander, Spotify, Suzano, Unilever, Vice

work projects with leading industry players such as Envisioning, Fbiz – a WPP Company, Flagcx, IAM Internet Age Media, Mesa, Perestroika, Purpose, Time Machine Organization, Trendwatching, White Rabbit, Youpix

covering global events such as Dmexco, SXSW, VidCon, Web Summit, The Next Web, Time Machine Conference

since 2013 studying time and temporalities as measures of change

🇧🇷 Portuguese, native
🇺🇸 English, fluent
🇪🇸 🇳🇱 Spanish and Dutch, basic (learning)

archetype: connector/explorer
kin 66 White Magnetic World-Bridger (transformation)

member of the Billion Seconds Institute

member of the Time Machine Organization

temporal orientation

future: concrete actions towards a vision; spiritually grounded
present: committed, and flow focused; likes to celebrate
past: honoring the ancestors; gratitude, focused on learning;
now: the courage to lead changes, and take risks


purpose-driven brand strategy — postdigital, social, regenerative – for campaigns, products, creative activation, ideas, community building, workshop delivery, long term vision, multiple temporal perceptions, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship


art, active listening, ancestrality, biomimicry, circular economy, chronobiology, cronosociology. decentralized science, decolonial thinking, indigenous wisdom, spirituality, mindfulness, positive impact, self-investigation, veganism, polyamory, diversity, inclusion, serendipity, quantum physics, multiverse, presence, purpose, regeneration, speculative design, solarpunk ethics/aesthetics, web3, metaverse, distributed economy, new narratives

work experience

Temporality Lab, Founder Jul 17 – Today, Amsterdam, NL
education and experiments with other temporalities through a decolonial approach helping people, and companies to navigate change, and build the horizons of the next era while addressing the urgencies of the next hour.

Purpose Strategist Apr 22 – May 22, São Paulo, BR, remote
Strategy for social impact using public mobilization, and storytelling to help the leading organizations, activists, businesses, and philanthropies engaged in the fight for an open, just, and habitable world.

MESA, Experience Leader Oct 21 – Dez 21, New York, US, remote
Leading in-site (Amsterdam) then remote experience to Nike Global in a team-based work system designed to solve complex challenges by unleashing human potential to process more, and execute faster.

FLAGCX, Knowledge Curator May 18 – Oct 20, Sao Paulo, BR remote
Study sessions and zeitgeist snapshots in live videos, articles, and other recommendations on Workplace to FLAGCX community, an independent creative ecosystem with more than 20 business units and its expanded network of clients

Perestroika, Course Partner Jul 16 – Today Porto Alegre, BR
Creator, and curator of the course "Fractal: zeitgeist and the new communication protagonists" (video here) with more than 20 in-person editions around Brazil alongside companies such as Google, Spotify, Netflix, Vice, Box1824, Flagcx, Red Bull, Nubank, ThoughtWorks, and more. It remains online since then.

Perestroika, Strategy Specialist Jan 16 – Mar 16 Porto Alegre, BR
Digital strategy to launch a new online learning platform, the main project of the creative school in that year

Aerolito, Strategist Jan 16 – Jun 16 Porto Alegre, BR
Strategy, focused on digital, and post-digital mindset, teaching in "Friends of Tomorrow", a course about concepts such as futurism, future of work, and new revolutions post-internet.

Sistema Dez, Strategy Coordinator Sep 14 – Dec 15 Porto Alegre, BR
Communication strategy, and client relationship with major national brands of education, retail, insurance, and NGOs.

Fbiz – WPP, Strategy Supervisor Aug 12 – Aug 14 Sao Paulo, BR
Global brand development – business, and communication opportunities in digital, and mobile media for Unilever, PepsiCo, Mondelez, Motorola, Cogna (former Kroton Universities), and more.

Gamma Comm, Strategy Director Oct 09 – Jun12 Belém, BR
Communication opportunities in traditional, and digital media for the state government, and national brands of education, retail, tourism, real state, and more.

Libra Design & Branding, Digital Project Manager Dec 08 – Oct 09 Belém, BR
Project management in the digital context, development of digital media, and communication strategies, information architecture/user experience (UX) for digital platforms, and new media.

Creative Workshop: Brazil Federal University, Creative Coordinator Jan 09 - Sep 09  Belém, BR
Creative team coordination, editorial design, development of branding, and visual design projects as an experimental agency of the Faculty of Communication of the Brazilian Federal University of Pará.

academic experience

ESPM / Miami Ad School Strategy Academy Professor 2016. Porto Alegre, BR

UNAMA – University da Amazonia Social Communication Graduation Course Professor 2010. Belém, BR

IESAM – Amazon Learning Institute Post-graduation as Design Specialist *interrupted 2008 – 2010. Belém, BR

UFPA – Brazil Federal University Graduation in Social Communication: Advertising 2005 – 2008. Belém, BR

lifelong learning

- TEDx Rio New Relationship with Time (video here) Speaker 2021. Online

- Ted Hunt: Circa Solar / Circa Lunar Sponsor 2020. Online

- MESA: Cyborg w/ Neil Harbisson, and Moon Ribas (video here) Specialist 2017. São Paulo, BR

- Creative Mornings Brazil (video here) Speaker 2017. Porto Alegre, BR

- Billion Seconds: Designing for Regenerative (Inter)thinking. 2022. Online

- Black Quantum Futurism: Time Zone Protocols + Prime Meridian Unconference. 2022. Online

- Unesco Temporal Literacy Lab. 2022. Online

- Ancestral Force, Orixás, Myths, and African Ancestry. 2021. Online

- Bayo Akomolafe’s We Will Dance With Mountains. 2021. Online

- Knoweaux: Future Modeling, and Time Traveler Training Program. 2021. Online

- UNESCO: Sustainable Time Capsule. 2021. Amsterdam, NL

- SESC/ Boitempo: Introduction to Critical Thinking Today. 2021. Online

- UNESCO: Futures Literacy Summit. 2020. Online

- Trendwatching Academy. 2020. Online

- Officeless: Remote Work Culture, and Remote Leadership. 2020. Online

- Terra Adentro: Pedagogies of Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures. 2020. Online

- Coolhunting Corsi Corsari Italy with Fah Maioli. 2020. Online

- MESA Method: Work Reinvented. 2019. Online

- Singularity University: Exponential Foundation Series. 2017. Online

- Cappra Lab: Decoding Data Science. 2015. Porto Alegre, Brazil

- Aerolito: Friends of Tomorrow. 2015. Porto Alegre, Brazil

- FLAGCX: Translators of the Disruption. 2014. Porto Alegre, BR