Founder of Temporality Lab, works with a transdisciplinary community around the world that are on the quest to be in sync with new temporalities for our planet

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Discover the Power of Time

Are you looking for a thought leader to inspire, educate, and elevate your audience's perspective on time and temporality? Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes, a visionary researcher, speaker, and expert in temporal literacy, offers a captivating journey into the profound world of time.

Bridging Experiences, Empowering Lives

Gust's purpose is to build and bridge experiences that empower individuals, organizations, and communities by deepening their understanding of their relationship with time. With a background rooted in the Amazon rainforest of Latin America, he brings a unique perspective, blending indigenous decolonial approaches with contemporary insights.

Gust's mission is to facilitate a deeper understanding of ever-changing mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets that enable us to live well and practice becoming the apprentices of our ancestral future selves. Gust strives to help individuals and organizations navigate ecological and technological change, envision futures in harmony with the rhythms of time, and contribute to positive social, ecological, and economic outcomes.

Lifelong Goals: Empowering Individuals and Organizations

Gust's lifelong goals include teaching and inspiring individuals and organizations to reimagine their relationship with time, cultural narratives, and systemic behaviors. He aspires to be a thought leader in the fields of temporality, change, and narrative building, driving impactful projects that address societal, ecological, and economic challenges. Additionally, he offers mentorship to those interested in exploring temporalities as part of their self-discovery and empowerment journey.

Who Gust Helps

Gust serves a diverse audience, including:

  • Individuals seeking personal and professional development through a deeper understanding of time.
  • Organizations looking to navigate change and develop temporal-oriented strategies.
  • Creative professionals, researchers, educators, and activists interested in temporalities, futures narratives, and societal change.

Temporality Lab:
Raising Consciousness
through Temporal Empowerment

At Temporality Lab, we aim to raise consciousness through temporal empowerment. We help businesses, educators, individuals, and collectives navigate change and envision a future that surrounds us.

Your Future Is All Around You

Unlock the power of time and temporality. Embrace the measure of all movement and change, and explore the diverse ways of living, building, bridging, and being through temporalities.

Join Gust on a transformative journey to rethink your relationship with time, unlock new narratives, and shape a future that is not just ahead but all around you.

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