Temporality Lab

Temporality Lab explores the ways in which time is experienced and constructed in different contexts, investigating the social, cultural, and political implications of different temporalities.
Temporality Lab

Creative Research Lab on Time, Temporalities,
Transdisciplinary Temporal Relations, and Alliances

Change Through Exchange

Welcome to the Temporality Lab, when and where we embark on a daring intellectual and emotional journey across the oceans of time. We are temporalists—time travelers, nomads, and pilgrims who weave through the tapestry of different times and spaces. Ours is an alliance formed in favor of practicing the most opportune ways of thinking, feeling, doing, and being in the present moment.

Technology vs. Consciousness 

Individuals with broadened worldviews
leading to enhancing empathy, adaptability, and creativity
by understanding diverse cultural rhythms and life philosophies

Local Rootes, Global Resonance

Businesses with improved cross-cultural perspectives 
on collaboration, innovation, and marketing strategies
tailored to resonate locally and globally, 
fostering inclusive and respectful workplaces
and appreciating diverse aspects of time and ways of living 

Affective Social Alliances 

Societies with enhanced mutual respect/understanding among different cultures,
leading to more inclusive policies, richer intercultural dialogues, 
and the celebration of the multifaceted nature of time and life across civilizations.

Planetary Regeneration

By embracing diverse temporalities we foster a deep connection to natural rhythms, cyclic processes, and indigenous wisdom. This cultivates a heightened awareness and respect for ecology, prompting regenerative ways of living and business practices, reducing ecological footprints, and promoting harmonious coexistence with all life on the planet and in the cosmos.

Decolonizing Time

But what sets us apart? In an era where the clock governs our lives, we return to our roots to question and dismantle the mono-temporal frameworks inherited from centuries of colonial thinking. Our approach is profoundly decolonial, allowing us to engage with other temporalities that have been marginalized, silenced, or forgotten. Time is pluriversal. We consider time as more than just a mere marker that divides the past, present, and future—it's a vibrant, living, and cultural phenomenon that shapes our collective memory and future aspirations.

Temporal Literacy

Navigating the oceans of time is an art and a skill that requires a new form of literacy. The Temporality Lab offers courses, workshops, and collaborative projects designed to teach temporal literacy. In understanding the different ways cultures around the world conceptualize time, we become more competent in maneuvering the challenges and opportunities that our present realities unfold. By appreciating the 'now' through the lens of multifaceted pasts and possible futures, we learn to live fuller, more authentic lives.

A Cultural Alliance Across Time

We are a sanctuary for scholars, activists, artists, and anyone who wishes to become a temporalist. We believe in building a community that is not just multi-disciplinary but also multi-temporal. Our alliance spans not only different fields and backgrounds but also various cultural philosophies and perceptions of time. We find common ground in our curiosity and our commitment to applying a complex understanding of temporality to today's most pressuring chronic issues.

Join Us on This Journey

In the Temporality Lab, we venture beyond the boundaries of what we know, breaking free from the constraints of a singular understanding of time. We are the pioneers of temporal landscapes, and we invite you to join us in exploring these uncharted terrains.

Come to be a temporalist. Rewire your perceptions, revolutionize your actions, and together, let us reimagine the narratives of both our pasts and our futures to create a more harmonious and inclusive present.

Your time—our time—is now. Welcome to the Temporality Lab.