#015 Blur

#015 Blur

This photo is of a handmade tapestry that I saw at the Museum of Modern Art in Turkey, on a Blue Lunar Eagle day. The artist says that each day she makes just one more line, and reminds us that it is the sum of our actions one day at a time that builds the big picture. We are in the second day of the wavespell of the White Magician and his power of timelessness. The enchantment comes from the question: what is the challenge I need to go through? How to open my vision to what my mind still cannot see? I offer you a Turkish eye to help answer such question. 🧿

Kin 15 Blue Lunar Eagle (Vision)
I polarize in order to createStabilizing mindI seal the output of visionWith the lunar tone of challengeI am guided by the power of accomplishment – Mantra-code of the Book of Kins > “Believing in yourself, you stabilize the mind, wins the challenges andcommunicates spiritually.” -----------…

The challenge of the vision. With so many possible times ahead of us, what will our minds create anyway? Remembering that the challenge of the first wave, of the birth of the being, the challenge to be overcome was that of communication. Now, in this second wave, what are we not seeing about the world, about each other, about ourselves? An invitation to the flight of the Blue Eagle about what is necessary for us to move forward collectively.

Today I want to recall the vision we established when creating the Temporality Lab community: a safe network of content and connection for time travelers looking to question their relationship with individual and collective temporalities that move us. We chose to use the Tzolkin and its 260 archetypes combined with the lunar year calendar – 13 Moons of 28 days – as a starting point for new cycles, in connection with the natural time, the temporality of nature, and the living metabolism we are a part of. But, as I said, this is just the starting point. Soon we're going to have also new activities for those who are part of our community. Like the Time Studies Club where we will discuss articles, short stories, prayers, poems, films, and exhibitions – all kinds of artistic, scientific, and/or spiritual manifestations that help us to sow new ways of dealing with time.

I'm saying yes to the invitation of the day to challenge my ideas of this marathon we call life, our long-term visions, in order to allow my mind to do what it does best: architect possible worlds. Create who we want to be in a new era. This is also a collective vision to be co-created. I am asking other fellow time travelers that have studied with me to also share their stories to bring to you. How does rethinking time transform you and other people? How can we be more connected to the service common to all of us, which is to plant seeds in favor of a time to come?

For your guidance, and also exercising some temporal autonomy, I am sharing a sneak peek (provided to you by the Blue Eagle's vision) of a few days and kins we will talk about during the current cycle.

✅ Day 1, Wed 1 Jun 22: What is my purpose?
Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard
Attracting the Receptivity of Timelessness

✅Day 2, Thu 2 Jun 22: What is my challenge?
Kin 15, Blue Moon Eagle
Stabilizing Vision Healing
🔵🦅 🔭

Day 3, Fri 3 Jun 22: How can I best serve?
Kin 16, Yellow Electric Warrior
Bonding the Life of Intelligence

Day 4, Sat 4 Jun 22:  What is the form my service will take?
Kin 17, Red Self-Existing Earth
Measuring the Navigation Wakefulness

Day 5, Sun 5 Jun 22: How can I best empower myself?
Kin 18, White Harmonic Mirror
Commanding the Opportunity of Infinity

Day 6, Mon 6 Jun 22: How can I extend my equality to others?
Kin 19 Blue Rhythmic Storm
Balancing the Energy of Self-Generation

Day 7, Tue 7 Jun 22: How can I attune my service to others?
Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun
Inspiring the Wisdom of Universal Fire

Trying to come up with a interwoven story in between them until this point:

we are learning to welcome ideas coming visiting us from our past and future, but to that we need to heal the way we look to our time – short and long term–, learning to do the right questions and keeping exploring possibilities until we master to becoming the next version of ourselves we want to be. And keeping ourselves in movement. The experiences that are going to inspire us are going to come from the exchange with others.

I would like to advise you that this is not a prediction. Is language interpretation. I am just reading to you what is written in a language that I became more familiar with in the previous cycle, that can be useful to you only if you make use of it to create your own visions. I'll give a similar practical example. Every year I watch and read what the main players of the tech and media industries are telling us based on data about what happened in the previous year. We know that some industries have cycles like a pendulum, while others are surprising us even with the predictions about the climate crisis being older than the new millennium... From my experience and interpretation, I attribute meaning to that. And you can do the same.

I am trying to be really mindful about my choices and decisions at the moment, feeling so close to reach a next step about to come. But also so distant. Some days feel like a whole fractal of a life. And some others feel as a filler. In days like these I try to remember that is not about reach the destination and discover I was a fool for not enjoy the ride. So, dayli, steadly, we exercise the challenge of what is important to live today as part of the spiral of the rest of our lives.

The idea of ​​progress at any cost has dominated history so far. The idea is that our life needs to be useful (for whom?) and that we linearly move into the future as the only moment that matters. Meanwhile, exhausted in the present, we live in an infodemic, amidst a tide of news that arrives through hyperlinks that sometimes blow in the direction of exposing one more problem, one more challenge, one more fear, we are feeling pressed for time. Other relationships are possible. From self-investigation and new habits of existence, we dive individually and collectively into ways to hear the cosmic dance that invites us to dream the dream of Earth.

Footnote: I had a different schedule today that put in danger our temporality streak. But, do not worry, I will send a letter per day, doesn't matter the moment of the day or the length of the message, as we agreed. So I am here for a shorter one. I would like to start by saying thanks to the fellow time travelers that answered our research about birth/rebirth happening in your life during this moment. If you didn't answer yet, but still want to (yes, I am talking with you that started but didn't submit), you can click here.  Don't push yourself too hard, just write what comes from your core. I will keep doing the same.

Healing individual and colective lenses,

Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes

NS1.34.12.4 Thu 2 Jun 22

Kin 015 Blue Lunar Eagle