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#018 Reaching endlessnesss

For the many reflections in front of the mirror, I decided to present to you small pieces, fractals of ideas, a visual set, and short essays: a "zero" introduction and "nine" time dimensions that I hope can help you to find your own endlessness in front of your mirror.
#018 Reaching endlessnesss

Hello, traveler. change of plans during the weekend, plus holidays on Monday, I couldn't reach you as I wanted. But, since our way to experience time is not linear, we are never late. Everything is happening at the right time.

Tone 5, of empowerment and command, brings the following question for your self-reflection:

How can I best empower myself?

The solar seal of the White Mirror suggests finding your own order reflecting the endless of the vast universe. Is the archetype of the Yogin understanding that everything shall pass ("This too shall pass") and something else will come. Don't be too attached otherwise you will be stuck in what you see now in front of the mirror.

For the many reflections in front of the mirror, I decided to present to you small pieces, fractals of ideas, a visual set, and short essays that I published first on Instagram between May and July of 2021, so a year ago. At that time I was starting to share more openly some of the ideas we've been talking about here, so you will recognize already the essence of our conversation: a "zero" introduction and "nine" time dimensions that I hope can help you to find your own endlessness in front of your mirror.  

.00 Time Pulses

Time Pulses.
Everything is Temporal.

.01 Unity

“In the beginning was the word... It said:
אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה
I Am What I Am”
Tell your own story.
Every change starts with a first spark"

.02 Polarity

Polarity: opposite or contradictory
tendencies, opinions, or aspects.
Thesis and antithesis.
But, deep down,
“All duality is a creation
of mind".

.03 Synthesis

Synthesis is the combination
of components or elements
to form a connected whole;
definition or delimitation
in a particular way.

As Oscar Wilde said, “to define is to limit”.

Our world is limited
by our definitions of it,
and it expands
as we integrate new languages
and cultural codes, new habits
and behaviors, new collective agreements
and worldviews.

.04 Pillars of reality

And… time begins.
more than angular
movements in space
representing days,
months, or years,
time is frequency.

Timelines are, in fact,
time in movement.
A living energy informing
the pillars of reality.

("O tempo que tange o movimento, Oyá")

Time as memory
of space.

And also our playground
in four dimensions
for the art of expression,
experimentation, integration
and transcendence.

.05 Multidimensional

We time travel
through different local
and non-local narratives.

Like in a hologram or fractal,
we all carry inside each of us
the essence of the whole
and oneness.

But, instead of
just wait to come back
and being reintegrated as one,
we are moving forward
in order to bring this integration
with what we were
and what we still can

We are, indeed, fractals,
seeking our quantum entanglement
from within to awake out.

.06 Reality builders

We are all part
of a collective experiment
on how to change
the Now;

With the evolving time sets
(mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets
of a specific era)
needed to decolonize,
and to freedom our reality;

And also to imagine
new long-term visions
for the eons to come.

How is your
relationship with
time, traveler?

.07 Kosmik Laws

everyone lives
a different stage
of their journeys  

A different
self-consciousness level.

From the most essential
and necessary ones
as survival, relationship, and self-esteem,
to going to start a transformation
that brings internal cohesion,
then doing a positive difference
in the world and service
to the other humans
and non-humans.

some of us start to show themselves
because they learn something
that the others don't know yet.
They start to behave like peacocks.

Just remember,
that there is no good and no bad,
just learnings.

Don't judge.

Indeed, it is important to enjoy the ride.

As we all start to learn,
our way becomes more pleasant.
Just remember to focus on
and keep tracking
that exists a big picture,
a different worldview.

.08 Spiral reality

I remember points of light
floating in the room,
around me.
Episodic memories
at different points in life
that connect to a larger field,
the total territory that is
the sum of possibilities
and all the information
from this and other planes,
registered in light.

In Sanskrit,
the term that describes this etheric light
which is known as space itself
is  Akasha'.
This library of luminous volumes,
I discovered years later,
is called the Akashic records.
The Noosphere
or planetary mind
integrates the records.

What happens
when our human mind
allows itself to dream along
with the planet's mind?


The processes that need
to take place are taking place

'To do? It's not about that.'
It's about being.
Awakening to what you already are.
Since always.

We're just remembering
what's happening to us right now,
here and there.

Seeds that contain the time
that spreads simultaneously
in many lands
of this multidimensional reality
and in others.

Concrete lives,
subtle doubles,
waves to be surfed,
reconnection to the source.

We are stars of the soul
born around a black hole
and we are suspended in time,
walking towards the present
in various fractal versions
of ourselves.

At the same time,
I am here
and in many times-places,
I am many.

And it's time to invite
all who are many
to awaken from the dream
we dream of survival
and the need for validation
to dream the dream
of Mother Earth
and Father Sun.

We are the avatar
that walks the earth
of all these versions
of our star of the soul.

It's time to honor them all
and act accordingly.

Believe it.

There is still time
to tell one more story.
The universe dances
a cosmic dance, traveler.
Can you hear the song?

Dance with me.

.09 Natural cycles of time

We live continuous processes
of desynchronization of ourselves
as individuals, and as a planet,
crossed by different dimensions
of social acceleration.

A real Time Crisis.

Is it possible to stimulate
long-term thinking
beyond the colonial roots
that accelerated our relationship
with time?

Temporal Literacy
invites us to bring together
art, science, and different worldviews,
such as the natural cycles of time
with the lunar months and solar rings
in sync with the cosmic dance
of the stars and the galaxy itself.

History does not repeat itself,  
but it rhymes.

One way of remembering,
in face of a short-termist society,
the importance of nourishing
a deep humility about time.

Hoping we can reach the endlessness together,

Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes
NS1.34.12.07, Sunday, 05 Jun 2022
Kin 018 White Overtone Mirror