#025 "Previously on Survivor"

In Altamira 2042 the performer is a woman-snake involving us with a battlefield of two words in war: the one of the Progressians creating deserts, and the Aliendigenous, on the quest to "amazonize the world". It is one of the most powerful experiences. that I've been in touch this year.

#025 "Previously on Survivor"

Hey, traveler. Thanks for the patience with my non-linear journey during the last week. Last weekend I got sick (revisiting some childhood memories, my tonsils are swollen after a long time...) and got some extra tasks that were not planned into my daily routine. My friend Laura Peña asked me if I was just publishing what I had written before, but a couple of days showed this is indeed a live experience and I'm writing with the flow. On some days I'll bring some excerpts from my previous works and studies, of course, but I want to do that because it matters and it's in sync with our day and not as a plan B.

Besides the survivor mode, I also don' want to send more than one letter per day as I did in order to complete the first round of 20 signs, not anymore. Instead, I think is better to just jump to the day I'm actually writing while trying to use this time and space to catch up if necessary. It demands more discipline than enthusiasm, as you know. About that, our 260-day experiment has this 13-tone framework but 20 different solar seals, creating our matrix of 20 waves over 13 days.  

The qualities represented by each of the 13 tons are independent and complementary. Each tone has its function, so none can be excluded, otherwise the circuit is broken and the energy does not regenerate, it does not complete its cycle.

The tones express levels of interaction, absorb as they come from the solar seals, and manifest them in thirteen different ways, involving their power, action, and energy. They represent the development of a human process also divided into 13 levels.

To represent the tones, use the Mayan numbering system, in points and bars, where each point is equivalent to one unit and each bar is equivalent to five units. It is always placed according to the bars below the points, as if they were levels.

Out of curiosity, the Mayans believed that certain numbers are sacred and carry energies within them. The number 13 was one of them, and it is not for nothing that it is the protagonist of many cycles and many mathematical combinations involved in the systems of understanding time. Just as the 13 galactic tones give movement and shape to the solar seals, we have in our body 13 main joints that give movement to our physical body. Each of these is symbolized by a tone, and you can focus on these points of the body in your daily self-reflection.

The 13 joints

#021 Red Galactic Dragon

NS1.34.12.10, Wednesday, 08 June 2022. After our first 13 days, we started a new cycle on day #014 of the White Wizard, since he was the one opening this second 13-day cycle or wave. So the solar seal 14, White Wizard came with the tone 1 Magnetic of the Purpose and so on, but after a full round of 20 solar seals (or vinal) the Tzolkin spins and we return to the solar seal that was Magnetic/Purpose in the last cycle, now in the tone 8 Galactic of Harmony asking: "do I live what I believe?". In this case, it is a powerful way to remind us of the learning of a previous cycle and integrate what we perhaps had forgotten already. To keep nurturing what we started.

"I am nourished when I order my thoughts and amuse myself with my life force."
Do I live what I believe?

#022 White Solar Wind

NS1.34.12.11, Thursday, 09 June 2022. If the wind is the great spirit that whispers ideas into our minds, I love to think that some of these ideas available in the field are coming actually with light from our sun. This is the image I have when we talk about "solar wind".  But don't be sitting in the sun expecting the illumination. The solar tone invites you to pulse your intentions to the universe with laser focus. Here I'll briefly mention the concept of some Kins that are not only red, white, blue, or yellow (indicating the directions they are spinning, counterclockwise: east, north, west, and south). A green Kin is a portal because brings all this movement to the next level or stage of the spiral. I'll call "up". The four directions can guarantee a cyclical repetition but these are the ones responsible to make the cycles not a circle but a spiral.  

"I communicate, discipline myself, and carry out my best intentions."
How do I attain my purpose?

#023 Blue Planetary Night

NS1.34.12.12, Friday, 10 June 2022. Every Kin that we are in a Blue Night I start to be aware of the synchronicities in the night before. We talked about dreams of abundance during our first time learning together about this solar seal. The fact is that our brains are time machines and what we can remember from our dreams are not necessarily and always literal. Our capacity to translate the ideas of the field into the mental images, sounds, and sensations we can hold when we wake up is a fundamental skill to navigate as a time traveler in what seems to be a linear experience of time in the world. But, remind yourself that your relationship with time is perceptual, it is subjective. Keeping a dream diary is a good exercise to start to be more aware of messages coming from other timelines happening while sleeping.

"I travel within myself, I order myself, I reach abundance and sow."
How do I perfect what I do?

#024 Yellow Spectral Seed

NS1.34.12.13, Saturday, 11 June  2022. Invitation to release what has been planted and let it flourish in its own time. That is a saying that after you plant a black bean you don't keep digging the ground to see if is growing. You just take care of the soil, of the sun, of the water, and trust that the seed is doing its part. To most of us that are researching and nurturing new narratives of the world, this is the hardest part. We would like to see change happening now, in the next hour. That's why long-term and intergenerational thinking are so important to build the horizons of the hour. Maybe some of the ideas we are talking about here are going to be important for you in the next 13 days, but maybe in the next 13 months or along the way in the next 13 years. Managing my own expectations, I keep our dialogue with confidence.

"I dissolve bonds, I evolve and I can flourish."
How do I release and let go?

#025 Red Crystal Serpent

NS1.34.12.14, Sunday, 12 June 2022. After a long recap using the timelessness of the white wizard, we are back to the present. Perfect day to do exactly what we've been doing until here: exchanging learnings from this cycle while surviving. The image of a big red snake made out of crystals is really powerful, if not intimidating. But the big snakes are quite common in the cosmovisions and cosmoperceptions of my hometown and the whole Amazon rainforest area. "Boiúna" is a mythological creature in Brazilian mythology. Also known as the Cobra-Grande (translated as "Large Serpent") and the Mboiaçu. Some of the ancient people from villages and communities tell stories about this big snake living under the cities and forests, in the underground. It can take on various shapes in order to frighten away any fishermen that enter its territory. Some of the forms the Boiúna can take on are a canoe, a sailboat, a transatlantic, and a woman. Also a river itself.

"Today I change my past skin, I become free and I can cooperate."
How can I dedicate myself to all that lives?

This week happened the Holland Festival. I could rewatch a performance that really impacted me while I was in Brazil, called Altamira 2042. Altamira 2042 is a sound installation made up of speakers that amplify different testimonies about the catastrophe caused by the Belo Monte hydroelectric in Brazil, which has been under construction since 2011 and affects the entire Xingu River basin and its surroundings. In the sound installation, interspersed with reports from the riverside and indigenous inhabitants, it is possible to have access to impressions, sayings, sounds and experiences of those who are there. With loudspeakers such as those present in many stereo parties (typical of that region), Altamira 2042 brings to the public the multiple ways of life of that place and the dimension of the ongoing destruction.

The artist Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha reproduced, through sound and light apparatus, the sounds of the Xingu River, in the Amazon basin. The presentations were the result of the work of meeting artists with local communities, which resulted in a series of theatrical performances created from the testimony of Brazilian rivers and of the people who live on its shores. It made me feel the pain and the love of Earth. Again. Gabriela is at the same time the woman-snake involving us with stories and inviting us to a battlefield of two words in war: the one of the Progressians that are unifing every people with the goal to create deserts, and in the other side of the Aliendigenous, multiple people that never were pure, and that are on the quest to "amazonize the world".  It is one of the most powerful experiences that I've been in touch this year.

I was working as a researcher and strategist for a brand project on the cause against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest region when I first watched Altamira 2042. In the beginning, She invites other women to support her during the performance but most of the time we have only Gabriela, the performer, holding the space for human and non-human stories we get in touch during around 90 minutes of linear clock time.  I feel really inspired by the work of people that show us that is possible to sustain only with our body and energy such powerful work and message.

“If the river could talk, it would cry,” says a Brazilian man named João Pereira da Silva in the show Altamira 2042. “It's because of the dam, the third largest and worst in the world. That thing is killing the river, the water, the fish and the Brazilians who live by the river. It kills everything.”The older man can be seen on a screen. He is one of the many people the Brazilian actress, theater maker and researcher Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha has spoken to and filmed for her performance installation Altamira 2042. The Rio Xingu, a tributary of the Amazon, cuts through the tropical rainforest in Brazil. It is a lifeline for the many indigenous groups and riverine populations that live there.

#026 White Cosmic World-Bridger

NS1.34.12.15, Monday, 13 June 2022. Since we started in a non-linear way, why not finish in the same mode? Tomorrow we will close the cycle and my schedule is still changing skin, and adapting, in order to prioritize some next steps I need to organize here in Europe. The cosmic world-bridger invites us to embrace the death of previous versions of ourselves with love and to be open to the opportunities that are still ahead.

"In the stillness of my mind, I find the opportunity to cross the portal of forgiveness."
How can I expand my joy and love?

A Cartography of Your Time

Now I have an invitation for you that have been following our Tzolkin Quest.

I decided to open again one day of my weekly calendar to individual sessions about your relationship with time. Since I've been working on a lot of parallel initiatives, for now, I'll have only a few spots per month, and since I first mentioned that on Instagram this week some people already jumped the line, but I'll do my best to find the best day and time to you if you feel interested to understand better what the kin of your birthday tell us about your connection with time.

I'll prepare a visual map with your birth kin, its characteristics (strengths and weaknesses for you to work and reach your best potential), and I'll bring details about the entire wave of birth as a life purpose you came to live here (also known as your "cosmic song", just like we learned from the Himba people). I also show you which chapter of this story you are in this year, as the Tzolkin works with cycles of 52 years of life that repeat in a spiral.

In the end, I'll send you the recording of our 2h conversation and a pdf document of the visual sets I'll prepare.  The session has an investment of 130 EUR or R$650 (I have bank accounts in both currencies) and I am available to answer any questions that arise from this self-investigation tool. If you feel interested to know more, send me an email or we can schedule a quick call (5min) to go again through the details and questions you can have about the session.

Since I started to study this perspective of time I had facilitated individual sessions with people from many different cultural backgrounds (and Kins) and it will be a pleasure to offer that also to you.

Writing with my instincts and listening to my inner life force,

Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes
NS1.34.12.14, Sunday, 12 June 2022.    
Kin 025 Red Crystal Serpent