#034 Time is a flowing river

Time is a flowing river. The whole streamflow of the river is happening right now. This is also the cosmic dance in time, traveler. Again, the whole streamflow of the river is happening right now. But this doesn't mean that your decisions right now can't change the flow of the entire river.

#034 Time is a flowing river

Time is a flowing river. The whole streamflow of the river is happening right now. Its curves, its different branches, its connections. Running from highland to lowland, each stream burbles as it travels along its bed, bubbling over rocks and branches.

It is all already there.

You are a traveler. If you are floating, swimming, or sailing in a boat, your attention needs to be on the present stream of the river. There are paths to choose from, rocks to be aware of, curves to be started at the right angle, on the right spot.  

But don't forget to enjoy the beauty of the river.

To Hinduism, Shiva is dancing over the flowing river. What a powerful image it is to think of Time as a cosmic entity of creation and destruction dancing while the universal waters flow.

You are the flowing river and the traveler, all at once.

I learned with Carlo Rovelli that there is not only one flowing river to represent our time stream but there are a thousand Shivas, dancing over thousand flowing rivers. To regain the connection with natural temporalities we should observe more the natural cycles. For many cultures, a river can be a zeitgeber, the "time giver", informing our individual and collective experience, just like the sun, the moon, the stars, and the galactic center.  

I want to invite you to reflect upon your relationship with time, thinking of your life – or past, present and future lives – as a river.  

In the mountainous area, the upper course, a river passes through a steep slope. Its water, therefore, rushes down with great speed.  A river has a deep and narrow channel in this stage. Moreover, some of the rocks over which a river flows are very hard, while the others are soft. As a result of this, the river course is not smooth. It has falls, cataracts, and rapids in its course.

As a river leaves the hilly area and enters into a plain, its middle course starts. The slope of the river bed is less on a plain. Hence, the speed of the current is also less, compared to the upper course. The river is fed by many tributaries and its volume of water increases. Tributaries are small streams of water that originates from the glacier and join together. The water flows at a slow speed, it cannot very much erode the bed nor can it transport much material. But as the volume of water is more, the banks are eroded and the river becomes wide.

The last part of a river near its mouth is called the lower course. In this part, the slope of the river bed is not very steep. The current is also very slow. Deposition is the main activity of a river at this stage. A river deposition is a process that occurs when the river loses its energy and deposits the load it was carrying. The silt and other materials carried by the river are deposited. The river channel is blocked very often and new branch channels are dug out. In this way, branching takes place at the mouth of a river. Distributaries are formed when the river breaks down into small streamlets or channels. These branch channels are known as distributaries and the river is said to be Braided. As the river meets the sea the current is almost halted.

The silt carried by the river water is, therefore, deposited at the mouth. In the course of time, the silt thus deposited forms a triangular island at the mouth of the river. This is known as delta.

I learn a lot at the intersection of physics and philosophy since Time is the greatest mystery. Reflecting, what do you recognize as your upper course, fast and rough with new beginnings? What is your middle course, slowing but getting wider?  What did you identified as your lower course, the steady streamlets you create? How do you feel with your river, in the end, becoming sea again? How large or narrow is the delta you make during your flow?

This is also the cosmic dance in time, traveler. Again, the whole streamflow of the river is happening right now. But this doesn't mean that your decisions right now can't change the flow of the entire river.

We started the Wavespell #03 of the Blue Hand talking about healing and I tested positive for COVID19 for the first time. I couldn't write, my mind was somewhere else. I've been going through my own healing journey. I'm grateful that now it is almost "just a flu" but is still also a lot else.

Brief recap. From the center of our galaxy, cosmic waves move like an ocean along the 26.000 light-year radius. We call "a wave spell" this 13-time unit fractal cycle, part of this cosmic waves, in which we evolve considering the 4 dimensions of time. It is fractal since we can feel it in different scales: 13 days, 13 moons, 13 years, and longer than that. In our solar system, 20 qualities of time dance, rhyming with one another. Different aspects of this cosmic flowing river.

The quality of time that opens the wave spell also holds together all the group, giving it its name. First, guided by a purpose, feeling the call of a challenge, understanding service, and shaping the form of action. It is our fast upper course. The answers are already there, but rough.

Second,  followed by how to find empowerment, to set the pace of our walk, to find attunement with others, and develop wholeness with our previous lessons, we refine our ability of flowing in the middle course. Slowing the pace, but widening.

Then third, we set our intentions to what we've been putting in practice, we perfect our manifestations, we learn to release and let go, and also share what we learned in multiple streamlets. Our delta is our legacy.

Fourth, in transcendence, we become sea again. We never stopped to be. But, for a while, we held the illusion we were something only else. This identity is going with us to the ocean like a Jellyfish. This is because jellyfish are about 95 percent water. Fascinating, elegant, and mysterious to watch, if you take it out of the water, it becomes a much less fascinating blob.    

We are time beings. Entities made of time itself. And there is beauty in it.

"Who elected the search, can not refuse to cross"
– Guimarães Rosa

Today we celebrate the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year. From now on the days will start to get shorter again. In the southern hemisphere where I am originally from, is the winter solstice. the day is the shortest. It is also the return of the White Wizard from the previous wavespell, reminding us of the power of timelessness. Isn't it beautiful, the cycles of time, happening all at once?

"Without attachments to the 'here and now' I am a Wizard of the Light"

Let's take a look together at the wave spell of the Blue Hand? A gift to you.

NS1.34.12.16 Tuesday 14 June 2022
#027 Blue Magnetic Hand
Know yourself to find your healing

NS1.34.12.17 Wednesday 15 June 2022
#028 Yellow Lunar Star
Trust in your gifts

NS1.34.12.18 Thursday 16 June 2022
#029 Red Electric Moon
Take care of your emotions

NS1.34.12.19 Friday 17 June 2022
#030 White Self-Existent Dog
Be loyal and kind to yourself

NS1.34.12.20 Saturday 18 June 2022
#031 Blue Overtone Monkey
Do more of what makes you happy

NS1.34.12.21 Sunday 19 June 2022
#032 Yellow Rhythmic Human
Make wise choices to keep balance

NS1.34.12.22 Monday 20 June 2022
#033 Red Resonant Skywalker
Explore more territories of your potential

NS1.34.12.23 Tuesday 21 June 2022
#034 White Galactic Wizard
Take your place as the traveler and the river

NS1.34.12.24 Wednesday 22 June 2022
#035 Blue Solar Eagle
Bring your visions to practice

NS1.34.12.25 Thursday 23 June 2022
#036 Yellow Planetary Warrior
Be brave to be you, unapologetic

NS1.34.12.26 Friday 24 June 2022
#037 Red Spectral Earth
Free yourself from what keeps you out of the flow

NS1.34.12.27 Saturday 25 June 2022
#038 White Crystal Mirror
Reflect your best to the universe

NS1.34.12.28 Sunday 26 June 2022
#039 Blue Cosmic Storm
Persist in your transformation

I opened one of my week days to individual sessions about your personal relationship with the kin. I prepare a cartography: a visual map with your birth kin, its characteristics (strengths and weaknesses for you to work and reach your best potential, questions that you should look closer). The wavespell of your birth talks about the life purpose you came to live. I also show you which chapter of this story you are in this year, as the Tzolkin works with cycles of 52 years of life that repeat in a spiral.

At the end I''ll send you the recording of our 2h conversation and a pdf copy of the material I prepared and presented for you. We can focus more on the overall learnings or in the current year's vision. This experimental session has an investment of EUR130 (or R$650) and I am available to answer any questions that arise from this self-investigation and evolution tool. Send me an email or a DM me on social media if you want to try.

I hope you are still here with me, flowing in time.

Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes
NS1.34.12.23 Tuesday 21 June 2022
#034 White Galactic Wizard