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#037 Trust the synchronicities

Today my friend Lua Couto is presenting a Creative Mornings session in Sao Paulo. The theme is "Selvagem" (Wild). Just like the studies cycle guided by Ailton Krenak, indigenous leader, that inspires us by doing and by being so much. Lua is the founder of Futuro Possivel, initiative focused on education for regeneration. We have been collaborating in so many projects in the last couple of years and exchange so many learnings that I can't imagine my work existing as its is without hers.

Lua called me this week to talk about her Creative Mornings session. We agreed that to talk about Wild as a noun, or the ideas to wild or to rewild as a verb, is not a matter of add something else, but to take out the extra layers we use in order to survive in what we call "civilization". Our masks, our jobs, our titles. Without all of it, what remains as essential is our singularity. This is our original version. Our indigenous self. Our wild.

Lua has been consistently researching and talking about how the planetary regeneration is not an "environmental" issue. Ecological means everything related to home. We dont need sustainable plans for the actual system we live in because we question the idea of sustain the values and lifestyle of the actual system.

"We are the planet. We the human and non-human tangle". I love to hear Lua talking this sentence. I hearded so many times. There are so much more life other than us, humanity. We are also more than humanity. When I start to believe that I am studying and talking about too complex subjects such as temporal quantum entanglement I remember by the sweet but strong voice of Lua that we don't need to understand the physics of the concept to observe that we are entangled. We are nature.

We, this entanglement of Lua, me, and ideas that are beyond ourselves, talked in many companies, of different territories: consumer goods, banks, ngos, creative services. Together, I feel that we share both the pain and the love of Earth. I also feel in such moments that we are just being used as the humans doing the service for  the real authors of the work, these non-humans entities.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we don't have out part and responsibility in what we do. Our work researching ancestral and emergent narratives has the goal to help people develop repertoire. "The limits of our language is the limits of our reality", I mentioned Brene Brown quoting that recently. We all need to have a vocabulary about time and nature in order to understand what we suggest to be experienced as a different relationship with time and with Earth. And we are our own "guinea pigs" on this process of temporal and regenerative literacies.

In the last year, we started to dedicate ourselves and our time to this service in a different way. Scheduling some weekly time to non doing. To being. Naturally, while meditating, we also become channes to the messages and experiences the Earth wants to bring to life in our time. Using our time. We do that weekly rituals with Luciana Bazanella, our friend and also co-founder of White Rabbit. Together we did so many experiments and projects on the last year that I also honor that would have be impossible to be standing here today with our ideas and ideals without her. Today she is recording an online course with Domestika about Radical Reimagination.

In the Tzolkin, Lua is kin 042 White Electric Wind. Her voice is like a breath of the great spirit, always in service. Luciana is kin 216 Blue Resonant Eagle. Her eyes help us to see beyond and fly higher with our creations. I am kin 066 White Magnetic Worldbridger. I am the timekeeper, evangelist of a world to come and the connector. When we sum our kins, the harmonic as one of the 260 possibilities is kin 064 Yellow Cristal Seed. "We communicate and cooperate to seed the Earth with freedom.”. To think about friendship and relationships of any kind as this energetic power of nature is poetical in many ways.  

Today, by the way, the kin 037 Red Spectral Earth invites us to dont get lost in our processes. To trust that we are part of something bigger. To remember that we have others to share our mission. To free ourselves from what keeps us out of the flow.

Trust the synchronicities,

Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes,

NS1.34.12.26 Friday 24 June 2022
#037 Red Spectral Earth

get lost in your own processes