How is your relationship with time? I’ve been asking myself and everyone I met in the past 10 years. And I want to ask the same to you. How do you live? How do you deal with birth and beginnings? And also with death and transformations? How do you navigate change? Are you more past-oriented, driven by your memories and learnings? Are you more present-oriented, driven by your feelings and desires? Or perhaps are you more future-oriented, driven by your imagination and goals? My reflection to you today is that your relationship with time don’t need to be linear and can change like the cycles of nature. Your life story not repeats itself, but it rhymes. If you see time more often as a spiral, you can embrace that you are going to different directions in order to reach your next level. For now, enjoy yourself and your time, traveler. 1.1

1.1 How is your relationship with time?