2040: Traveling in a Solar Storm

2040: Traveling in a Solar Storm

Imagine that you woke up and you are in 2040. The pandemics of 2020, 2024 and 2029 have drastically changed life on Earth. We had to relearn how to live in society and to cooperate with our brothers from other countries. The 2030s were one of reconstruction. We do our best to provide access to health, food, education and clean energy so that everyone around the globe feels safe and protected from health and humanitarian disasters, including issues such as disease, hunger and the ongoing climate crisis. Very hard work. But today, finally, it is July 26th, 2040 and we have a new mission: to put intention into what we want for the future from here. To think about the coming decades that will impact humanity in the coming centuries to come.

We will participate in an online hologram conference where the images will be received directly in our brain. Here, where you are, only the text part arrives. For this collective narrative that will be woven, everyone will have space to speak to share their message of the future. The messages will arrive mentally and synchronously to everyone, the duration of everyone's speaking is not a challenge. Intentions that will transform the way we generate our own energy. An opportunity to manage our own existence as ancestors of a time to come.

It is your turn to speak. The 5 billion humans around the Earth now listen to you in unison and are open-hearted to receive your message. What do you say?


You wake up in 2021, May 2nd. It was a dream. Or a time travel? Influenced by the waves of a solar storm that hit the Earth, somehow a communication bridge connected these different temporalities. From that time on, you feel that we still have so much to do until then ... But that it is worth dreaming of the next era without losing sight of the urgencies of the next hour, a cosmic dance that asks for balance.

Again, what did you say in that dream?