A Fuck-Off Massive Self-Contained Spiral

A Fuck-Off Massive Self-Contained Spiral

We are not just a laboratory of time, but a laboratory that studies, conducts experiments and shares learning about spiral time.

Nathan Fernandes – journalist and time traveler who is part of our Guild – shared the best (and most fun) synthesis to explain the name Torus:

“Science today knows that the universe is a hologram, a matrix of time, called 'torus' because it takes the form of a fuck-off massive self-sufficient spiral.”

The quote came from a report by the american Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the 1980s and released only now, but our connection with Torus comes from the intersection of many areas of time studies:described in mathematics and present as a matrix of time and reality at different scales of nature, Torus is our compass for questioning linear thinking and using temporal intelligence to perceive new ways of relating to time, individually and collectively.

This is just a starting point to our conversation about what guides our actions at Torus Time Lab. How about that being your temporal compass too?