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How is your relationship with time, Traveler?

We need to think about new ways to structure society beyond the understanding of time that we know.
How is your relationship with time, Traveler?

We were educated to respect clocks

School, factory, office, church, media, society. Some of these are invisible and, over time, make us unlearn hearing our own internal clock.

Tic. Tac. Tic. Tac.

Always connected, but never present

Circadian rhythm unregulated in front of a screen; excesses of past and future that translate into many expectations and frustrations because we believe we are “out of time”, running against a clock that was never ours.

Tic. Tac. Tic. Tac.

But life is pulsing

One hour our internal clock charges us for the delay. And it's time to regain synchrony with our own time. Discover - from our own measurement artifacts - what it might mean to us.

The meaning of sleeping, dreaming, waking up, living.

Time is a measure of change

It was the philosopher Aristotle who said. And it is a horizon of displacement. An hour is 1/24 of a rotation of the planet around you. A year, a minute, a second, follow the same logic.

Time, in human experience, always indicates movement.

A compass and a watch have more in common than we think

Despite the different reference points, they register aspects of the same displacement. Where and when you came from where and when you want to go. We find ourselves anxious when navigating rough seas...

... but maybe we are the reason for the storm.

We are all time travelers

Our brain is the biological machine by which we make this journey. In perfect sync to enjoy the best of the experience.

From second to second. One at a time.

Where to go?

How about starting with a direction instead of a destination? Because the routes will change. Prepare your intention and pay attention to the signs. Because the old maps don't take us to new lands. And remember to enjoy it.

The journey itself is the destiny.

Enjoy your time

Life is not made up of things, but of events. Observe the world for what it is becoming, not just for what it is. Listen to your ancestors and watch the cycles. Beginnings, ends and the path in between. Respect your learnings and don't suffer too much from your mistakes. Remember that nothing is permanent.

Everything is temporal.

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