a temporal experiment of winter/summer solstice

December 21, 2021. The solstice is the darkest day in the global North, announcing winter. Also, it is the longest day of sunlight in the South, celebrating the arrival of summer. Another year fighting against COVID variants. In 2020 we asked: what if the pandemic lasts for a whole year? and what if we say that it is going to last for the entire decade?  We were not ready. We are still not, we will never be. The health crisis comes along also with a mental health crisis. Burnout and suicide rates are high. The world still has a lot of people struggling out of hunger, unemployment, insecurity. Symptoms of a sick system. This old world has no more time. A new one urges to be born. How we can search for horizons for the next era while addressing the urgencies of the next hour?  What are the steps towards decolonial futures? We live in a time crisis with "longtermism extremists" that want to escape from the planet (because is cool, as said) get an award as a person of the year. Or technocratic empire owners want to escape to a metaverse while their data centers deplete the resources of this planet. It is time to wake up. We are the time travelers we have been waiting for. Coming from the sky, we were born intraterrestrial, and here is the place where we are, where we meet. To postpone the end of the world is necessary to tell our stories once more. To rescue other temporalities in order to face the present with different lenses. How is your relationship with time? Come to listen, to discuss, to heal in a temporal experiment during the solstice in a safe space.

Recording on Tuesday, 21-12-21, kin 112, 6 pm CET (14h BRT) in English.