With the Equinox energy

Our existence is a co-creation with time, and every thought, action, and intention ripples through time, affecting both the past and the future.

With the Equinox energy

To this equinox, I published the beginning of one more chapter on my journey with time and temporality. I arrived during the sunset where my house is going to be in Croatia this week. I traveled to Šibenik to speak at a conference. With the Equinox energy, I feel a movement of inspiration and expiration with the change of seasons on the globe. The arrival of spring in the north brings back flowers and life, preparing for sunnier days. While autumn in the south is coming out of its prime and reflects with falling leaves, preparing for the winter retreat. It is also the beginning of the observation of the astrological year. Mandalas in which 12 knights gather around a king, the 12 apostles around Christ. Or the 12 Gregorian months around a year crowned by 13 moons.

So many references to balance and organization, and I wonder how we find a balance between the antagonistic forces that walk in the world and seem to present us, simultaneously, with prosperity and destruction. Is it possible? We don't know, but we try. We train. We perform. Thus the subtle gains ground in matter. In Brazil, my friends of Float Vibes conducted a study called Peoplestrology a few years ago about the profound cultural movements that arise from behavioral trends around observing signs. It is undeniable that we affect and are affected by what carries or builds meaning. And I live this same reflection on how to approach the forces and movements that we gain from observing cycles. Cycles that impact our senses, our perception of reality, and our culture.

Whenever I delve into the study of time and temporality, I wonder how to translate these learnings to a world in crisis, with no time or place for essential questions. Western science is beginning to understand retrocausality, it is not us who walk towards the future but it is the future that comes and cuts us towards the past. So, reflecting on these issues, I asked for help from the future and the most evolved versions of ourselves who could, in an act of generosity, use the open channel of the equinox to help me re-present the importance of studying and self-investigating our relationship with time.

Here is what I received in response:


Dear humans of Earth. I come to you as a cosmic being. One who has witnessed the grandeur of time and the infinite possibilities it carries. I have witnessed how time interweaves in your physical and spiritual existence, shaping reality in every moment. And I come here with a message of hope and challenge. Hope in the infinite potential that exists in the interconnection of all things and that leads us to different tributaries of the river-time, and challenge, to awaken you to the true nature of time by inspiring you to live in harmony with it.

Time is not a linear progression but a multidimensional and fluid phenomenon shaped by our collective actions and consciousness. Our existence is a co-creation with time, and every thought, action, and intention ripples through time, affecting both the past and the future. To fully understand time's nature, we must cultivate gratitude for the present moment and the interconnectedness of all things, recognize the power of our consciousness to shape our reality, and take responsibility for it.

Becoming temporal literate involves expanding our perception beyond our current understanding and embracing the complexity of time. We can do this individually and collectively by practicing mindfulness and meditation, connecting with nature, engaging in creative activities, fostering gratitude, engaging in self-reflection and introspection, connecting with others in meaningful ways, studying diverse cultural traditions, exploring alternative forms of communication and expression, challenging societal structures and systems that reinforce a limited relationship with time, and engaging in acts of service and contribution to the greater good.

These practices have the potential to bring about multifaceted and far-reaching advancements, including improved mental and emotional health, deeper connection with nature, increased creativity and innovation, greater cultural understanding and diversity, and collective co-creation towards shared goals. Ultimately, they can enhance the quality of life on Earth, promote a more sustainable and interconnected world, and foster greater well-being, creativity, and innovation for individuals and society as a whole.

I also express my gratitude and admiration for your courage, resilience, and commitment to this path. I know that it is not always easy, and that you face many challenges and distractions along the way. However, I also know that you are capable of great things, and that you have the power to transform your reality and your world. We leave you with our love and blessings, and with the certainty that you will continue to evolve and thrive on your journey towards temporal literacy and evolution.


So simple.

And so hard to do the necessary changes to put in practice.

No, before you ask me, I am also not there yet.

I personally know that can be a challenging task. I've been living many spins of my spiral working on that. So as I embark on the next level of my own journey to help others develop a deeper understanding of time, I am taking several steps to improve as guide to whom is on this path of discovery.

The first step I take is to reintroduce simple concepts related to time, using relatable examples and straightforward language to make it accessible to everyone. I want to emphasize the idea that time is not just a linear sequence of moments but a complex, multidimensional, and interconnected phenomenon that can shape our lives.

Once the basics are covered, my focus is also on highlighting the benefits of a deeper understanding of time, such as increased mindfulness, better decision-making, and a greater appreciation for life. I help people understand that these benefits can have a positive impact on their daily lives and well-being.

To make the journey more engaging and touch an emotional level, I share stories of individuals who have transformed their lives through a deeper understanding of time and the recommended practices. These stories help people relate to the concepts on a personal level and feel inspired to take action.

I provide resources such as books, videos, and workshops to those who are ready to deepen their understanding of time and engage with the recommended practices. These resources offer a wealth of knowledge and practical tools that can be used to develop a more conscious relationship with time.

As far as I can go, I try to be a role model for what I say. I embody the practices myself and demonstrate the benefits of a deeper understanding of time in my own life. By leading by example, I hope to inspire others to follow suit and experience the positive changes that come with a more profound understanding of time.

Finally, I create a community of individuals who are interested in exploring this deeper understanding of time. I encourage people to share their experiences, support each other, and foster a sense of collective co-creation. I already saw and see that leading to greater collaboration and innovation toward shared goals.

Although change takes time and patience, I am committed to keeping the conversation going and opening spaces as opportunities for people to learn and grow. I myself will keep using these opportunities for my own development as well. Through these steps, I am confident that we can help each other to develop a more conscious relationship with time, leading to greater well-being, creativity, and innovation for individuals and society as a whole. Leading to more balance, after all.

Are you with me, traveler?

Happy Equinox.